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We have developed for the first time the concept of prehospital stroke treatment. The specialized ambulance (mobile stroke unit) houses a CT scanner and laboratory equipment essential for to the diagnosis of stroke. Via telemedicine, we can also send the CT images and videos of the patient examination to the hospital where experts can aid in diagnosis and treatment management.

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Special feature: patients lose no time for transport to the hospital, since a spot diagnosis and then immediate treatment can be initiated. The faster the treatment, the less brain damage that occurs ("time is brain"!).

Since late 2008, we have been analyzing the feasibility of our novel  approach which is currently being adopted by  other stroke centres. The initial results are impressive, showing that important time is saved, not only because of the shorter routes, but particularly because of the increased efficiency of the relevant interfaces between emergency services, emergency physicians, neurologists, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, and laboratory personnel through the "Mobile Stroke Unit" -concept.


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